12-01-30 Magazin promotes kids website

 The German magazin ['em vau] promotes the BalticMuseums kids website in its current edition Q1, published on 29 January 2012. www.kids.balticmuseums.net is specifically recommended for "underwater research without wet feet" for clever kids. With an edition of 325.000 pieces the publication was issued as a supplement to Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung, the large German Sunday newspaper, and part of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
The magazin ['em vau] is issued by the Marketing Organisation of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and published three times a year.
Link to the Magazin ['em vau] 1/2012

12-01-18 Baltic Museums in the news in Kaliningrad

Klaipeda Tourism and Culture Information Centre
 The Museum of the World Ocean promotes the BalticMuseums projects in their museum newspaper for all visitors and friends of the museum. In the December/January edition Elizabeth Velmyakina describes the cooperation of the Oceanographic museums and their scientific partners. The South Baltic Award won by the project for the best website is in focus. The museum itself has contributed to set up this website www.balticmuseums.net by providing many pages of translation into Russian for all partners. Not only the main website but also its special section for kids was translated by the Russian colleagues. Furthermore the article reflects latest developments like the virtual galleries and plans for eGuides. Also the local number 1 newspaper, Kaliningradskaya Pravda, has published an article about BalticMuseums 2.0.

12-01-10 BalticMuseums presented as best practice in Berlin

Klaipeda Tourism and Culture Information Centre
 On 10 January the Conference "Best practices - Successful stories" took place in Berlin. The BalticMuseums team was very happy to be invited as one of the speakers. The Technology Centre Vorpommern had organised the conference presenting projects from different funding programmes: Baltic Sea Region Programme, South Baltic Programme and Central European Programme as part of the JOSEFIN project. The audience from various projects and organisations was enthusiastic about the results of the BalticMuseums 2.0 project. Especially the kids section and the online platform got a lot of attention. Many interesting contacts could be made and the conference was a very rare chance to gather experiences across different funding programmes. Thus the presented projects were very different in size of budget and number of partners, however many participants found links in regard to the content worked on.

2012-01-05 First prize for Klaipeda Tourism and Culture Information Centre

Klaipeda Tourism and Culture Information Centre
Photo: Klaipeda Tourism and Culture Information Centre
 The Lithuanian State Tourism Department announced and awarded the best Tourism Projects of 2011. The first prize in the nomination „The Most Sucessful Tourism Information Centre 2011“ was given to Klaipeda Tourism and Culture Information Centre! They are associated partners in the BalticMuseum 2.0 Plus project. Only in Lithuanian: further information at: Lithuanian Website Information about Klaipeda Tourism and Culture Information Centre: Klaipeda-Infowebsite

2012-01-03 Gdynia Aquarium consults specialists for kids tours

Gdynia Aquarium
Photo: Gdynia Aquarium
 The NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium contacted two specialists that will help to create the eGuide kids tour. The content will be specifically analyzed by persons experienced in working with children, writing and preparation of tales. During the consultations the general instructions and advice on kids content creation will be gathered and shared with the other BM 2.0 partners.
A similar approach was taken to get specialist knowledge for creating tours for people with disabilities. Gdynia Aquarium had invited specialists of this field that gave very valuable advice which was shared among all partners. This has proven to be very helpful for the team members.
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