2010-08-01 BalticMuseums' Newsletter No. 2/2010 now availble for download


The topics in this issue are:

- eGuide demo tour realized in Lithuanian Sea Museum

- Tour by eGuide in Stralsund

- Inter-project cooperation: BalticMuseums 2.0 and SeaSide

- Ozeaneum is European Museum of the Year

- German RFID magazine presents project

- Advisory Board meeting in Lithuania

- Partner Presentation: Lithuanian Sea Museum, Klaipeda



2010-06-30 Project presented in Rostock

During the convention "Scientist looks for a team" run by the VentureCup office in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the BalticMuseums 2.0 project was presented by Andreas Ahlfeldt and Susanne Marx. The event attracted numerous visitors from scientific institutions, universities, programme and transfer offices.

2010-06-18 eGuide demo tour in Lithuania great success

During the recent project meeting of the BalticMuseums 2.0 project in Klaipeda, Lithuania, a demonstration tour by eGuide was taken through the Lithuanian Sea Museum. Steffen Ritschel , Christina Wegner and Andreas Ahlfeldt, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, had prepared this prototype as a showcase for combining navigation technology and RFID or Near Field Communication (NFC) tags at the museum. A profound analysis of
needs and technical options had been conducted by the Stralsund Information Management Team in preparation of the Klaipeda meeting. The tour inspired the whole project team and demonstrated the various opportunities given by this technological solution. While walking in outdoor exhibitions a route is given on the system, the screen showing additional multi-medial information if an object of interest gets close to the visitor. In several languages text explanation is given. Now the team will concentrate on the development of a prototype for indoor navigation in Gdynia Aquarium. Indoor navigation rises specific challenges for oceanographic museums as huge water tanks, thick walls, and multi-floor exhibitions impact technical solutions.

2010-06-17 Kids will compete in their knowledge of the sea

Kids in the South Baltic region will from October onwards be able to compete on their knowledge about facts around the sea. The planned joint Online Information Platform within the BalticMuseums 2.0 project contains a specific kids section. It is available in five languages. Playfully kids discover facts about the sea and can test themselves in a quiz. The TOP 5 are always displayed in each website as a cross-border contest. Additionally games like memory or colouring pictures will make fun to prepare the next museum visit.

2010-06-16 Museums agree on release date of the online platform in Klaipeda

The schedule is now set. All partners agreed in the latest meeting in Klaipeda June 14th to 16th on the final release date for their joint web presentation. As from October 1st tourists will be provided with an online portal in five languages. The team from the University of Szczecin presented the working system and did a first introduction for the editors. In due time in-depth trainings will take place at all museum partner locations.
After entering all content in the respective native language and translating it to English the main benefit of the cooperation will show its effect: the museums will translate all texts of their partners into their native language. Thus all partners will provide their information to the (international) tourists in English, German, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian.
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