2013-01-11 Exhibition of the project's photo competition started in OZEANEUM

On Monday, 07 January 2013, the exhibition of the winning photos from the project's photo competition started in the OZEANEUM Germany. Until end of January, the photos can be seen in this branch of the German Oceanographic Museum. It is planned that the exhibition will then travel to the other partner museums in Poland, Lithuania and Russia. Fifteen images of the Baltic Sea were selected as winners in the joint photo competition of the project “BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus”. Around two months, amateur and professional photographers submitted 570 of their best impressions online. Five winners were selected by a jury of the organizing museums. Another ten images were determined by the public in an online voting process as winners.

2012-12-04 BalticMuseums Newsletter 3/2012 published

The topics in this issue are:
- Team engaged in tourism strategy for the Baltic Sea
- Photo competition: Best photos selected
- University of Szczecin develops Open-Source-IT   framework with BalticMuseums projects
- Team at Swedish Naval Museum, Karlskrona
- Kaliningrad plans new museum building

Enjoy the reading!

Newsletter 3/2012

2012-11-15 Project at Baltic Sea Tourism Forum

The 5th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum, held on 14-15 November 2012, Rostock/Germany, is dedicated to Tourism Cooperation in the EU Programme Period 2014-2020 which currently under preparation. 120 representatives from every Baltic country gathered to discuss international cooperation in the future. Prof. Dr. Michael Klotz presented the experiences regarding added value, economic relevance and sustainability of EU funded projects including recommendations for the upcoming funding period. Next to stressing the importance of the integration of Russia, of SMEs and of the possibility for small scale investments, he presented the idea of adding an additional standard workpackage: Economic sustainability. In such a work package all projects would need to dedicate part of their work to the analysis of the current market situation, the analysis of possible Spin-Offs and the development of Business Models. The representatives of the Baltic Sea neighbouring countries Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Germany that take part in the congress will adopt a declaration on 15 November expressing the importance of tourism for the Baltic Sea region.

Further information:

2012-10-30 University of Szczecin develops Open-Source-IT framework with BalticMuseums projects

During working for the BalticMuseums projects the team of University of Szczecin developed a process framework for software based on open-source components. This development process framework can be used in various organizations for adapting open-source software. The framework was first presented at the 14th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems - ICEIS 2012 in Poland in July 2012 by Jakub Swacha to computer scientists from all over the world (e.g. from Brazil and Arabic countries).

Open-source software (OSS) becomes increasingly popular and open-source solutions can be found for many applications. However, ready-made open-source solutions rarely fully meet the end users’ requirements. Therefore, most of them require adaptation in order to make the users satisfied. Adapting OSS is understood as tailoring it to the needs of a specific end-user or a group of them by the project team of the University of Szczecin. The permission for users to modify code for private purposes is a core property of the open-source software. Assuming open-source software adaptation to be a repeatable process a framework was defined for its efficient execution. Such a framework could be based on theoretical inference starting with requirements, or obtained by generalization of practical experiences. The University of Szczecin chose the latter approach and used their observations made during the involvement in OSS adaptation projects in both EU-projects, BalticMuseums 2.0 and BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus.

A brief description of the framework is available for download.

2012-10-29 Project meeting in Karlskrona

The BalticMuseums team met from 24 - 26 October in Karlskrona, Sweden, to discuss current project developments. The team focussed in the workshops on content sharing, with the University of Szczecin presenting a digital assets management system. That system is based on Open Source Software, however adapted to the needs of the team. It will be the basis for the museums to get an overview of available documents in the partner organisations. All museums have finished the purchasing process of the eGuide devices by now and presented first versions of the eGuide highlight tours. Another highlight of the meeting was the invitation to the Swedish Navy Museum - Marinmuseum in Karlskrona. Richard Bauer, director, and his team presented the background of the museum and especially its future plans for a state-of-the-art presentation of a submarine. So far the museum used audio guides in several languages, however, with the planned new exhibition possible solutions for eGuide-systems are investigated. Options for future cooperation with the project team will be examined. The introduction of eGuides at the BalticMuseums partners is planned for May 2013.

Photo 1: Richard Bauer, Prof. Dr. Michael Klotz and Elizaveta Belmjakina
Photo 2: eGuide devices are purchased by museum partners
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